how it all started


It all started...

...between Milan and New York, but the project developed when the quartet moved to London during 2017. In the UK, KEEMOSABE are soon labeled as "Experimental Funk Rockers". The band takes part in dozens of concerts and festivals in historical venues around London, developing their own artistic identity.

In terms of notable performances throughout 2017, it is worth mentioning the opening act for Kristeen Young (David Bowie, Morrissey), a sold out show at "The Islington" and a special live performance in the legendary Studio One of Abbey Road Studios.

At Abbey Road, the band has recorded three singles in the summer of 2017, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that turned out to be successful after a record time of only 16 days.

The project is deliberately born as a mixture of musical styles: Alberto Curtis (vocals, guitar) and Sebastiano Vecchio (drums) studied and worked as Jazz/Fusion musicians in New York City from 2013 to 2016. Andrea Guarinoni (keyboards) worked as a Soundtrack and Hip-Hop producer, while Pino Muscatelli (bass) used to be a busy musician in the Italian Stoner Rock scene.

What results is a hybridization of musical influences, accompanied by energetic grooves, powerful riffs and pop melodies on top.

The sound is comparable to a musical meeting between Foals, Snarky Puppy, John Mayer and Pearl Jam.

The band also wants to convey a social message that stimulates the listener along a path that crosses the inner universe of the human individual, and the growth that leads to a greater awareness of himself and of the surrounding nature.

Despite the amount of influences and musical depth, KEEMOSABE is intended to be a young (average age 23), fresh and above all ACCESSIBLE product to different types of listeners.

The band already published two singles, All is One and Stay Awake, and is going to publish a third one, Out of the City pt. One, within the next months.

The plan for 2018 is clear and defined: grow the fanbase as much as possible, through the promotion of the three singles already mentioned, and with an intense live activity starting from the autumn of this year.

In the meantime, during the summer the band will dedicate itself to the recording of the first album, that will be promoted through a summer tour in 2019.