stay awake official release

friday may 18th --> save the date!

video release --> Tba

KEEMOSABE's second single will be available online at 00.00 on Friday May 18th.

Celebrate with us at Tunnel Club Milan on Thursday May 17th (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE)

The show starts at 10PM 

Stay Awake Locandina DEF.jpg


“Stay Awake represents an invitation to a search of identity. 
When reality fails to provide the answers to our deepest existential questions, we must acknowledge the presence of an inner universe, constructed by our own thoughts and feelings. 
This universe needs to be explored in order to come back to our everyday existence with a greater awareness of who we are and what is our role in the world.”


Video - Rodolfo Gusmeroli

Distribution - Artist First srl (Milano)

Production - Abbey Road Studios (London)

Mixing engineers - Stefano Civetta / Andrea Guarinoni

Mastering engineer - Alex Wharton (Abbey Road Studios)

Artwork - Sebastiano Vecchio

Copyright - KEEMOSABE ®